Trans-iX private cloud

Why private cloud?

Modern businesses need IT that is more flexible, scalable and cost-effective than ever before. But few organizations can afford a hardware refresh every time they need more resources while finding capable technical staff and managing data security and compliance to strict rules and regulations – including the GDPR – is as crucial as it is challenging. That’s why private cloud is the perfect solution in addressing these needs.

What is private cloud?

Private Cloud is a virtualized hosted environment fully delivered on hardware exclusively dedicated to your organization. Using virtualization technology, such as VMware and Hyper-V private cloud integrates fully with any on-premise systems, resulting in one fluid IT environment. It offers the elasticity of cloud computing together with the control and compliance of on-premise systems.

Why outsource the building and or management of your private cloud:

  • You don’t have sufficient resources within your team.

  • You need a bit of extra knowledge to have it done right.

  • The provider’s costs are lower than when you would have to build it.

  • The end product will immediately match your desired quality standards.

  • Access to the latest and greatest technology on the market.

  • Maintaining a focus on your existing setup is crucial to maintain current IT standards.

Clients that trust us

Trans-iX private cloud offers an environment that:

  • Is completely fluid and scalable to the needs of any organization.

  • Ensures all data is kept on hardware exclusive to the business.

  • Offers full integration with mission critical infrastructures.

  • Is hosted from some of the most advanced datacenters in the Netherlands, or any datacenter of choice.

  • Is Fully certified for any production environment.

  • Offers a fully compliant fallback option for mission-critical on-premise hardware, becoming a solid recovery point for the restore all lost data after calamities.

Suitable for your company

Whether to address current needs, facilitate growth or as a mirror to a production environment, Trans-iX private cloud is fully fluid and scalable. The Trans-iX private cloud service is available for environments from entry level for SMB’s up to full enterprise scale. Nodes are easily added to accommodate any mutations in requirements in available computing, memory and storage.

"Our private cloud proposition is tailored to how we would like to see things when we partner with others. A high class Service Level agreement, up to date hardware and all possible carriers such as AMS-IX and the NL-IX that are relevant to you as an end user. All solutions in the Netherlands housed within the state of the art data centers of NorthC. " - CTO Merijn Evertse of Trans-iX.

Trans-ix Private Cloud offers flexible hardware, hypervisor and operating system, freeing up your internal capacity – up to 3 FTE – to add direct value.

We offer on-premise control with the cost-saving model of cloud computing. We provide tailored infrastructure resources together with a matching SLA.

Our Private Cloud is built with the Gaia-X concept in mind, ensuring data retention is compliant with all GDPR and other European and local regulations.

Our Private Cloud is fully compliant with all main certifications, assuring the security of your data. We can make sure it fits your certification needs.

Added value option: Automatic failover or disaster recovery

Using Trans-iX private cloud for Veaam-based disaster recovery means a full-service approach to maintaining backups of your production environment. With a comprehensive approach involving planning, data migration, documentation and checks, Trans-iX guarantees a mirrored virtualized environment as a fail-safe for any on-premise setup. With a yearly check during which a dedicated engineer is available to manage your backup and make sure your disaster recovery needs are met for the period going forward.

Added value option: Hyper-V or KVM

We provide all virtualization platforms suited to your operational requirements. With the solutions provided by Trans-iX, you can opt for a pure bare metal solution, Infrastructure as a Service solution, or a fully managed platform including the operating system.