Think in Security Possibilities

There are many situations imaginable in which your IT infrastructure could be at risk from the ever-increasing and complex threats. Trans-iX specializes in providing advice and concrete security solutions that ensure the continuity of your IT environment. We have a wide range of solutions to optimally secure your organization against outside threats, and ensure that your business keeps running at all times. Thanks to our our ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 certificering we know what we are talking bout.

Do you have questions about IT security? We are happy to hear from you what your challenges are regarding your infrastructure and how we could help you!


Minimal security measures include well-known solutions such as an effective firewall, updated antivirus and anti-malware products, and staff training. Which other preventive measures should be taken depends on the sensitivity of the information, the infrastructure and the rules that apply to your organization. Trans-iX will help you determine the best solutions, always considering the available budget.


How do you ensure the security of sensitive company information? Privacy is even more under the magnifying glass with the arrival of the GDPR in 2018. If you do not comply with these stricter rules, you run the risk of a high fine. Reason for panic? No, but you do need to take a number of technical and organizational measures that protect your data on the one hand, but also ensure that your employees can continue to do their jobs. Trans-iX has extensive experience in this area and is happy to share this expertise.


Anytime, anywhere access to your systems, secured with enhanced identity verification thanks to two-factor authentication. This raises the level of access security to a higher level and prevents unwanted people from entering. Don’t you always lock the front door when you leave your house? We can make this possible for your IT and prevent unwanted visitors.