Think in Productivity Possibilities

The way people work and collaborate has changed dramatically in recent years. Your employees expect access to all the information they need to do their jobs, regardless of time, place and device. And you always want access to your latest information. Do you have the knowledge and skills to connect to your data and office applications anytime, anywhere?

By offering the right work environment and resources, you will have satisfied and more productive employees. This requires a different, new way of working with smart technology and innovative tools. Trans-iX has the knowledge and expertise to offer you the solutions that contribute maximally to efficient business operations, from standard Microsoft concepts to customized solutions in the cloud. We can provide the right applications, tools and even communication applies for every situation. We like to think along how IT can be of service to you, not only now but also in 5 years’ time. We would like to talk to you to explore the possibilities.


Trans-iX offers reliable managed cloud solutions from Dutch data centers. Are you looking for a public, private or hybrid cloud? It’s all possible at Trans-iX. Our credo is “Thinking in possibilities”. Trans-iX is happy to advise you. In addition, we design and build scalable platforms in Microsoft Azure. This gives you freedom, flexibility and ensures that, for example, your website continues to run.


Where do you prefer to work? These days, it doesn’t matter if you’re working on the road, in the office or at home. With Office 365, you have a collection of Internet services that ensures that the familiar Office programs are available online for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Collaborate anytime, anywhere and securely. Isn’t that what you want?

Business Processes

We like to think along how IT can best serve your organization. Not only now, but also in five years’ time. Together with you, we look at how processes can be automated. In this way, we can take time-consuming tasks off your hands and make your work even more enjoyable. Would you like to outsource part of your IT management or take it in-house? We are happy to support you in that as well. Let’s talk and discuss the possibilities.