Think in Connectivity Possibilities

Being accessible anytime, anywhere: with the Connectivity services of Trans-iX, it’s possible. We offer a complete portfolio of internet, telephone and network solutions that enable you to be in contact with customers, partners and employees at all times.

Our Connectivity services are specially designed for companies and organizations. We have paid extra attention to reliability, flexibility and security. Thanks to our wide range of options and years of experience, we can solve any connectivity issue, fully tailored to your needs and budget.

Trans-iX has the knowledge and expertise to offer you the solutions that contribute most to efficient business operations, from standard Microsoft concepts to customized solutions in the cloud. We would like to meet you to discuss the possibilities. We think along with you how IT can be of service to you, not only now but also in 5 years’ time.


You probably don’t care which network your business DSL or fiber connection is delivered over. You simply want to be able to rely on the connectivity and service of your supplier. We would be happy to advise you which connection is right for you. Whether it’s 4G, 5G or fiber, we can always help you make the right connection.


Mobile accessibility is important for professionals who are on the road a lot. With VoIP telephony from Trans-iX, employees can be reached anywhere on a single number. And by linking VoIP to your DSL or fiber-optic connection, you can make direct use of the high-quality telephony network. We are also the right place for advice on business mobile subscriptions.


A good wifi connection is essential for business operations. Your employees and guests always want to have the ability to work online. Trans-iX has extensive experience in constructing complex public and closed corporate networks. We provide a well-functioning wifi connection and can constantly monitor it, so you can be assured that the connection is up-and-running to the max.