About Trans-iX

Mission and vision of Trans-iX

Trans-iX is an IT service provider whose high-quality and unique expertise focuses on business-critical technology infrastructure environments. We host, implement and manage innovative concepts and solutions. In doing so, we make a distinctive contribution to the success of our customers. Trans-iX’s solutions concern the smart and efficient application of new technology, or lie in the area of process, management and finance. In this way Trans-iX offers its customers a maximum level of total solutions.


The quality and the most efficient implementation of our solutions and services are the highest goals. By doing so, Trans-iX offers optimal functioning and affordable total solutions to its customers.

Trans-iX is a stable employer with an open culture, technical inclination, room for personal growth and much attention to a pleasant working atmosphere. Each employee can develop at his or her own pace, both professionally and personally. The goal is for every employee to be consciously and competently active in making a valuable contribution to the end result.


The demand for complete peace of mind regarding safe and reliable IT solutions will increase in the coming years. The underlying technology will be of less and less importance to the end user. The required technology and security of these solutions are becoming increasingly complex and advanced. Legislation and regulations are creating a demand for adjustments to current infrastructures. The investments that need to be made to realize this are getting higher and higher and require a high level of knowledge from the IT staff.

Think in terms of possibilities!

This is the credo of Trans-iX. Thinking in terms of possibilities will be the guiding principle in everything we do in the coming years. This is how we create and deliver IT solutions that are of value for the success of our clients. Quality on all fronts is central to this. This means that in addition to delivering the best possible solution, we also provide our customers with maximum service and quality. The customer is always at the center of everything.
Trans-iX has been providing its services to end users, resellers and IT partners for over 13 years. Resellers and IT partners can purchase these services white-label or otherwise in order to expand their own portfolio.

Quality policy

Realizing and delivering good and consistent quality by, among other things:

  • Implementing the ISO 9001 standard
  • Working in a customer-oriented way
  • Complying with legal and customer requirements, such as the GDPR (Dutch: AVG)

Information security policy

Being a reliable and honest organization by, among other things:

  • Giving substance to the ISO 27001 and NEN7510 standards
  • Agreements and instructions on the use of (mobile) equipment and systems
  • Agreements and instructions for (digital) access to buildings and systems
  • Agreements and instructions for cryptography
  • Agreements and instructions for clean desk and clear screen
  • Agreements and instructions for transport and storage of information
  • Agreements and instructions for developing, modifying and maintaining systems and networks
  • Agreements with suppliers

What can you expect from us?

We are ready to take on challenges. We specialize and explore further opportunities for your organization in complex areas such as Security, Continuity, Connectivity and Productivity. We think along in applicable opportunities and solutions for our customers.

Core values

Our core values were formulated based on input from all employees. They form our identity, give direction to everything we do and keep us focused. We strive to reflect these values in all our services and products. Our four core values are objective, respectful, helpful and flexible.


We understand that every system we design and develop is intended for users. Therefore, we do everything possible to meet their real needs. We pay equal attention to the needs of our customers and team members. We are bound together by a sense of belonging. This means that we share, we support each other, we are involved and helpful, even when things are not going as well. We want to mean something to someone else.


We work flexibly and try to involve only the necessary team members in each specific phase of the project. Thanks to our expertise and extensive network, we can easily scale up the team working on a project when needed.


We learn from each other and from our customers to make relationships smooth and successful. In our view, this is only possible if we treat each other with respect. Respect we receive by giving respect. This is how we build something of high quality together. And say it yourself, isn’t that the most satisfying thing we can do for each other?


We look back at what we have done, think about possible improvements, ask questions and look for answers in an inventive way, without limitations. In this way, we objectively come up with new solutions every time. We remain open to input and look for new solutions. In the end, only the best solutions are implemented, fitting the customer’s needs and organization.

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