10 redenen waarom Nederlandse IT-Partners beter zijn dan buitenlandse cloud leveranciers

10 Reasons Why Dutch IT Partners Are Better Than Foreign Cloud Providers

Why do more and more companies opt for Dutch IT partners? Large foreign cloud companies might seem appealing at first glance. After all, size is often associated with reliability, quality, and scalability.

But do these assumptions hold true, and does a foreign cloud provider automatically suit every company? Why are more companies switching from foreign to Dutch cloud providers? Why are customers entrusting more hardware and applications to Dutch IT partners?

In this article, you’ll discover 10 reasons why Dutch IT partners are becoming increasingly popular and how they outperform foreign cloud providers in various aspects. After reading this article, you’ll be better equipped to determine whether a Dutch IT partner or a foreign cloud provider is the better fit for your company.

1. More Time for Customer Relationships

The first reason on our list might seem obvious, but it’s incredibly important. Dutch IT partners have much more time for customer relationships.

While foreign cloud providers mainly allocate their resources to key account management for their largest clients, you’re definitely not just a number with a Dutch IT partner.

Dutch IT partners don’t need to log into Salesforce to figure out who you are and what was discussed last. When you call, they often already know exactly who you are and which services you’ve obtained from them.

More time and better personal contact are perhaps the most crucial reasons why Dutch IT partners have gained popularity.

2. Local Accessibility and Personal Contact

With international cloud providers, you’re often forced to create tickets on English-language portals and call foreign call centers. Communication is often less pleasant and more impersonal.

With a Dutch IT partner, they also work with tickets, but as a customer, you’re still in contact with genuine Dutch-speaking employees. Communication is much smoother and, of course, in your own language. With a Dutch IT partner, you’re often still a name and definitely not just a number.

As a regular customer, you know the names and sometimes the contact information of employees at your Dutch IT partner. This makes it easier to communicate directly and escalate when necessary.

3. Truly Tailored Solutions

Foreign cloud providers often suffer from excessive processes and bureaucracy. It can take weeks to receive a proposal, which might not even be tailored to your needs.

Foreign cloud providers often work exclusively with specific partners, making them less flexible with custom technical solutions.

When working with a Dutch IT partner, you benefit from more flexible and truly tailored solutions. Dutch IT partners can combine multiple techniques and products and aren’t tied to fixed suppliers.

As a customer, you receive the best tailor-made ICT solution that fits your company’s needs.

4. Dutch Laws and Regulations

If you do business with foreign cloud providers and something goes wrong, legal conflicts are handled abroad. This makes litigation and asserting your rights as a customer extremely complex.

When collaborating with a Dutch IT partner, conflicts are resolved under Dutch law if you can’t find a solution together.

5. More Customization in Pricing and Contracts

With foreign cloud providers, the pricing structure and contract are often rigid. It’s nearly impossible to obtain a custom solution, a slightly different pricing structure, or minor contract adjustments.

Unless you’re a major international key account, attempting to negotiate is often futile. However, flexibility and growth sometimes demand precisely that.

Dutch IT partners offer more room for dialogue, and adjustments can sometimes be made to better suit your company.

6. Better SLAs and Faster Problem Resolution

Foreign cloud providers generally offer unattractive, non-custom SLAs. Additionally, their escalation processes are more complex, and public cloud providers must navigate more intricate internal procedures.

During outages and incidents, a Dutch IT partner will assist you more swiftly. Thanks to local in-house service and incident management, they can escalate more effectively, resulting in faster problem resolution.

7. Easier Adoption of New Technologies and Innovations

If there are new innovations or technologies that could make your company more efficient in the realm of ICT, it’s more likely that your Dutch IT partner will enable you to benefit from these advancements sooner.

Foreign cloud providers are less flexible and must thoroughly research and test new technologies and innovations. This often clashes with their established international partner contracts and leads to conflicts of interest.

In such cases, you, as the customer, often lose out.

With a Dutch IT partner, you’ll experience faster integration of clever innovations and new technologies than with a foreign cloud provider. Moreover, Dutch IT partners are better equipped to cater to local market needs and changes in local laws and regulations.

8. Platinum Partner Status Doesn’t Dictate the IT Partner’s Course!

A gold or platinum partner status sounds fantastic, implying that you’ll receive significant discounts because your foreign cloud provider has a high status with a hardware supplier.

The significant issue foreign cloud providers face with their high partner status is their complete dependence and often obligation to exclusively purchase from certain suppliers. These same suppliers also influence the direction of innovation and the introduction of new products or services by your foreign cloud provider.

This doesn’t bode well for flexibility. Even worse, customers can’t benefit sufficiently from market competition.

With a Dutch IT partner, these statuses never dictate the policy for innovation. This flexibility greatly benefits your company, ensuring you consistently receive the best innovative solutions and prices.

9. Culture

Communicating and conducting business with a Dutch IT partner is easier than with a foreign cloud provider. Communication with fellow countrymen in your native language leads to fewer misunderstandings.

Opt for a foreign cloud provider, and sooner or later, you’ll encounter the influences of American or Asian business practices.

When you write an email or call, communication flows more smoothly in your own language. Sometimes, when you’re forced to communicate with a helpdesk far away, English might not be as easily understood.

10. Local Management and Dutch References

Dutch IT partners can visit you more easily and frequently. Think of proactive maintenance or a fruitful conversation about progress. They also collaborate with other Dutch customers, so they’re familiar with the market and the local challenges that other customers face in the Netherlands.
Foreign cloud providers are more distant and have less insight into the individual matters affecting their customers.

Foreign cloud providers have their course influenced by international trends. They’re less aware of and engaged in the local challenges and trends impacting their customers.

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We hope you found this article useful and gained new insights. Have you previously worked with foreign cloud providers, and what was your experience? Do you recognize these points, and have you already switched to a Dutch IT partner?

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